Back Yard

Besides the garden we’ve been doing a bit of landscaping between the house and our swimming pool. It’s no where near finished but coming along.

Most of what is here are Susan’s flowers. The two ponds are set into place. I am going to build a small fake cistern and put an old water  hand pump on it. A small fountain pump will take water from the lower pond, furthest, and pump it through the hand pump. The water will fall into the nearer pond then on back into the lower one. The ponds will be surrounded by small rocks and I am going to fashion a creek between them.

Here are two planters I made from cedar fencing planks. The far on has already been filled with soil and has pepper plants planted in it. The nearer one will be for some more of Susan’s flowers.

Our old fire pit finally burned through and was almost unusable so I made one from cinder blocks. This is before our first fire.

A closer view of my peppers. I planted some jalapeno, Serrano peppers, chilies, and a red bell pepper plant.

The peppers as they are the last week of April, 2018. Small peppers have formed on some of the plants. The twine around the edges are to keep the cats out.

May 24 2018

It’s been a while and my peppers are doing great.

Pepper Plants at end of May

In fact shortly after I took these pictures some of my peppers ripened, turned red. On the web I read that when this occurs the peppers get milder. Another site said that they get hotter. Shows how conflicting two different sources can be. I ate on of the hotter culvers, Serrano, when it was green and it was pretty mild. I then took a red one and it was fire. So I’d say the peppers are much hotter after they turn.

Thought I’d add one more picture of my peppers.

Pictures will be posted as work progresses.